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A Curtsey for Knigge TV shows

A Curtsey for Knigge

What rules to follow when visiting the restaurant? What is the best way to appear in front of a lady and not to step on her feet? How to prevent lipstick from sticking to the rim of the glass?
The series „A Curtsey for Knigge” (orig.: Einen Knicks für Knigge) is dedicated to these and other questions of modern (dating) life. The seemingly old-fashioned rules of Adolph Freiherr von Knigge are applied to the present day and it becomes clear that even if the good baron did not own a smartphone, his rules of etiquette are still relevant today. And of course, the wink is not missing.

  • Duration

    14 episodes of 3’ each

  • Director

    Laurin Merz

  • Cast

    Robert Schupp and Stephanie Eidt

  • Production

    HOOK Film for Tele5

  • First broadcasted

    2015, Tele5

The whole series (14 episodes) is available here.