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SRF Einstein – What can be done against digital oblivion?

Modern storage media are not made for eternity. Mankind’s digital memory is under threat. How can data decay be stopped and computer files stored for hundreds of years?
We travel to the impressive particle accelerator at CERN in Geneva, where they are struggling to save the vast amounts of important scientific data for posterity, and finally end up in icy Spitzbergen, where there is supposed to be a way to keep data safe for centuries.

  • Duration


  • Editorial

    Laurin Merz, Adrian Winkler

  • Responsible SRF

    Andrea Fischli Roth, Thorsten Stecher

  • Production

    HOOK Film for SRF Einstein

  • First broadcasted

    16.05.2019, 21:00, SRF1

The complete Einstein broadcast is available on PLAY SRF.