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#EgoShooter – It’s all just a game!

#EgoShooter – It’s all just a game! is a film about people who play war and get likes for it. They portray themselves on the net as fearless fighters, posing with bazookas and assault rifles. They roam the ruins of Chernobyl in fantasy uniforms and crawl through mud-soaked fields with guns at the ready. They do days of survival training in the wilderness. For what? For some thrills and attention on social media. In “real” life, however, they are anything but fighters.

In the form of a documentary video essay, the short documentary aims to inspire the question of why: Where does the joy of weapons and violence come from? Why the staging as fighting machines on Instagram? And why does this disturbing behavior even meet with approval from some? The film leads the viewer into the border area between documentation and fiction. Because what is “real” and what is “fake” is difficult to answer in the world of virtual Instagram warriors. #EgoShooter – it’s all just a game! takes the viewer into an unknown subculture and raises the question of what it means for our society when people consume staged images of war as a leisure activity. When they like the self-dramatizations of the net warriors and thus give the creators of these images a “thumbs-up” for their violent fantasies.

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  • Director

    Nikola Ilić

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  • Production

    HOOK Film