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June, 2003: A CIA team is on a highly secret mission in the Swiss Rhine Valley (Rheintal). The intelligence operatives break into an apartment, they search bookshelves, open file folders and rummage through the socks and underwear drawers of Marco Tinner, an inconspicuous businessman. On the top shelf of the bedroom closet they find a laptop. When a specialist evaluates the data on the spot, he can hardly believe it: probably the most dangerous plans in the world are stored on the hard drive: Blueprints for the construction of the atomic bomb: Just a click away from the World Wide Web!

For the first time, the brothers Marco and Urs Tinner give an exclusive insight how they worked with the Pakistani nuclear physicist Abdul Qadeer Khan – one of the most wanted men in the world. They describe how their father Friedrich supplied Khan with key technology in the 1970s and how they built up a global nuclear black market together. But above all, the brothers tell why they switched sides shortly before the turn of the millennium and went undercover to gather information for the CIA in order to blow up Khan’s network.

  • Duration

    3 episodes of 45' each

  • Directing team

    Laurin Merz and Hansjürg Zumstein

  • Completion


  • Production

    HOOK Film