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SRF HE!MATLAND – White Gold. Episode 1

In Switzerland, entire regions live from snow; for example, through tourism or winter sports. But this valuable resource is becoming scarce. According to researchers, the reason for this is climate change. As part of the “SRF HE!MATLAND” format, the documentary series “White Gold” follows five people with a special connection to snow. In three episodes, they show how global warming is breaking up decades-old structures and what direct consequences this has in their daily lives.

  • Duration

    3 episodes of 36' each

  • Directors

    Adrian Winkler and Laurin Merz

  • With

    Martin Nellen, Daniel Imboden, Peter Wyler, Lia-Mara Bösch and Jürg Trachsel

  • Management SRF

    Matthias Hämmerly

  • Production

    HOOK Film

  • First broadcasted

    as of 22.02.2018, 21:05, SRF1

The whole series is available on PLAY SRF.
Episode 1 – Leben vom Schnee
Episode 2 – Der perfekte Schnee
Episode 3 – Der grosse Kick