The magnificent tiger is one of the world’s most beloved, and threatened creatures. Filmmaker, Karl Ammann uncovers their illegal breeding in secret South East Asian tiger farms. His nine-year investigation exposes how body parts are harvested from both live and butchered tigers, and then traded for sale in China’s underground pharmaceutical and jewelry industries.

Year after year, Karl has gone to warlord and triad-controlled regions of Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam to learn how the tigers are traded. He has been able to achieve what Interpol and other anti-trafficking organizations have failed to do, infiltrating top trafficking syndicates and gaining access to major crime hubs and underworlds.
Karl has unveiled a number of disturbing findings. He self is an unlikely hero in this story, a middle-aged who lives humbly with his wife in Kenya. But confronted with THE TIGER MAFIA, he is fearless and dogged and determined to expose their inner workings and to cast a light on the criminal organizations that have until now been able to operate with impunity.

Doc 90′
Ein Film von: Karl Ammann und Laurin Merz
Produktion: HOOK Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH
Fertigstellung in 2020