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NZZ Format – Have A Seat

Heinz Bütler tells a design and cultural history of the chair in his new film for NZZ Format.
At the beginning of June this year, the Vitra Schaudepot, designed by Basel architects Herzog & de Meuron, opened on the legendary Vitra Campus. In a spectacular permanent exhibition, the Schaudepot presents over 400 objects of modern furniture design from 1800 to the present day. The visitor encounters much that is unknown, epochal ideas, new technologies and great names: Rietveld, Breuer, van der Rohe, Prouvé, Aalto, Le Corbusier, Eames, Panton. And he is confronted with the exciting question of what a relevant chair is besides a piece of seating furniture: revolution, manifesto, innovation, discourse.

  • Duration


  • Director

    Heinz Bütler

  • Production

    HOOK Film for NZZ Format

  • With

    Rolf Fehlbaum (Chairman emeritus Vitra), Mateo Kries (Direktor Vitra Design Museum), Ulrich Fiedler (Collector, Gallerist), Arthur Rüegg (Architect) a.o.

  • Release

    09 / 2016