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SRF Einstein: Bitcoin, Twint or e-francs: Which is the Money of the Future?

The Swiss are increasingly paying electronically. Apps such as Twint have replaced the need to reach for a wallet. Bitcoins claim to function like electronic cash. Now the central banks are reacting: e-euros are being developed and an e-swiss-franc is being considered.
Einstein wants to find out how and, above all, which currencies should be used for payment in the future. Together with monetary economist and podcaster Fabio Canetg, moderator Tobias Müller embarks on a journey that takes him from the Bundesplatz – where Switzerland’s gold reserves are said to lie – to the “bank of the future”. And learns that the money of the future is less about notes and coins and more about trust.

  • Duration


  • Editorial

    Adrian Winkler, Laurin Merz

  • Responsible SRF

    Andrea Fischli Roth

  • Production

    HOOK Film für SRF Einstein

  • First broadcasted

    30.11.2023, 21:05, SRF1

The complete Einstein broadcast is available on PLAY SRF.