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The magnificent tiger is one of the world’s most beloved, and threatened creatures. This ten-year undercover investigation exposes how body parts are harvested from both live and butchered tigers, and then traded for sale in China’s underground pharmaceutical and jewelry industries.
Year after year, Karl Ammann has traveled to warlord- and triad-controlled regions of Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam to find out how tigers are trafficked. He has succeeded in doing what Interpol and other organizations fighting the illegal trade have tried in vain: He infiltrated the main smuggling syndicates and gained access to the main criminal centers and underworlds. An experience that led to a series of disturbing findings.

  • Duration


  • Directors

    Karl Ammann and Laurin Merz

  • Production

    HOOK Film

  • Release

    04 / 2021

  • International Sales

    Mediawan Rights, Paris

  • Festivals (selection)

    BKK DOC (Winner Best Feature Documentary) 2022 | Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival 2022 | Solothurner Filmtage 2022 | Another Way Film Festival Madrid 2021 | Global Science Film Festival 2021 | Oslo International Filmfestival 2021 | COP:DOX (Fact:Award) 2021 | Jackson Wild (Winner Special Jury Award) 2020 | Sunny Side of the Doc (Winner Best Wildlife Pitch and Wildscreen Award) 2020

The Tiger Mafia is available as an Amazon Exclusive on Prime Video.

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