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«Trop chaud» or «Too Hot» is a documentary about the case of the «Senior Women for Climate Protection». This case before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is of international importance and is the spearhead of a new movement. This movement is led by a group of defiant old ladies from all parts of Switzerland who refuse to accept that politicians are letting them down.
«Trop chaud» is also a film about climate change itself, an issue that is in danger of receding on the international agenda due to political divisions and geopolitical polarisation. It asks fundamental questions: Will strategically pursued climate litigation lead to the politicisation of the judiciary? What does this mean for democracy? What can human rights complaints actually achieve? The main setting of the film is the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the epicentre of a pan-European human rights movement. On the occasion of the hearing of the Swiss climate case, we meet legal pioneers from the Netherlands, representatives of legal teams from England and Switzerland, campaign professionals from global NGOs, we get to know the arguments of the defence and the judges’ persistent search for the truth. The showdown of the film is 9 April 2024, the day of the verdict in Strasbourg.

Free online from October 2024!

▶︎ To the website of “Trop chaud”, the documentary about the senior women for climate protection.

  • Duration


  • Director

    Benjamin Weiss

  • Writers

    Benjamin Weiss and Daniel Hitzig

  • Completion

    October 2024

  • Production

    HOOK Film and Mattogrosso